Francois Le Menaheze exercises, part-time, with the balance provided by Nadia Belhamiti.


Francois Le Menaheze exercises, part-time, with the balance provided by Nadia Belhamiti. Francois is also a trainer at the IUFM of Nantes. 2 comments # 54 – I call in the class: maintenance, “What’s New” …

In: Practice and Research Publishing ICEM For teachers CD, DVD book, Life brochure of the cooperative class citizenship Principles teaching> communication pedagogical principles> term-creation pedagogical techniques> what’s new? to order payable online in January 2007 Catherine Chabrun, Francois LE MENAHEZE with CD To purchase online (digital version, without CD-ROM) speech, oral, oral, sound out strings, trade, exchange, release, release, say, speak , maintenance, what’s a comment Learn more meeting GD42 – January 4, 2019 – Report of the workshop “Start” by Jean-Luc Verilhac on 16/01/19 – 7:39 p.m. in: Central East Region > GD 42 – Loire Meeting minutes technical teaching techniques> personalization of learning teaching techniques> what’s new?

Report an attached file: – expectations – what’s the – the work plan – various docs Add Comment 5 files attached GD42 Meeting March 17, 2012 at the school Calendreta Bear (43) By Jean-Luc Verilhac the 19/03/12 – 10:34 p.m. in Region Central East> GD 42 – Loire Meeting minutes pedagogical principles> co> consulting teaching techniques> class organization> class life teaching techniques> clear messages pedagogical techniques> institutional pedagogy teaching techniques> what’s new? SUMMARY: Calendreta school – Institutional pedagogy – tutoring – consulting – sociogram – behavior belts Conflicts – clear messages The what’s new – programs and postgrammation Making and connect an album Participants in this historic meeting – outlook after meeting 1 comment a what’s new in cycle III by Claude Beaunis on 17/12/09 – 4:54 p.m. in: Life a technical cooperative class citizenship teaching techniques> What’s new? cycle class III Aizenay (Vendee) Add Comment “What’s New? “To start in Freinet in: school level> The New Educator kindergarten teachers PEMF To review teaching techniques> What’s new?

May 2004 Laurence Khaldi was launched this year by setting up a “What’s New? “With small / Mother means. She gives us her observations, questions and suggested that if the “what’s new? “Is a trigger for the life of the class, it is also for the educational development of the teacher. Authors: Laurence Khaldi, Muriel Quoniam and Sylvie Legris More CR Meeting Cisse January 2017 – GD 86 By Muriel Coirier on 01/11/17 – 5:14 p.m.

In: GD 86 – Vienna a report meeting Maths Teaching techniques technical> mathematical creation pedagogical techniques> what’s new? Present: Christine Dauge Christine Fair, Veronica, Muriel Coirier Philippe Gilg, Martine, Elodie, Barbara, Sophie (2nd year EJE), Clarissa (2nd year EJE), Chantal (Villiers, CP / EC1), Francois Coupry (split shift elementary) – Reminder membership ICEM and GD – Reminder of important dates: lounge (April 8), conference (February 1) maintenance in the morning: Educational Building East edited by a Departmental Group to review teachers teaching techniques> what’s new?

March 1969 Authors: Pierrette Grosrenaud and R. Giraud More Maintenance or “what’s up?” By Eva Merhand on 24/10/18 – 4:58 p.m. In: Gr Second Degree school level> second degree teaching techniques> what’s new.? Maintenance or “what’s up?” 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 next> last »
By Philippe Gilg on 20/11/18 – 4:02 p.m. In: Gr.

Group presentation Communication The site communication is born from the desire of the movement to have a group of people in charge of communication ICEM-Freinet and in particular: for the site for the newsletter ICEM (external) for the internal newsletter etc. It also aims to propose ways to improve our communication at large on the mailing lists, to ensure that each and everyone can express themselves freely and with respect for the basic rules of courtesy.

The next meetings View the next meetings of the construction site of Communication Contact Contact Address Communication: History Born in January 2018 at a meeting of the GD (eg SD and soon appointed federal meetings), he first were “group” before claiming to be “building site”, with its production (see above). It works with regular meetings on the year and especially the margins of national meetings when possible. add a comment

7 Results Industrial Archeology In: Arts> Architecture midst Research Science and Techno December 1996 The industrial architecture: document 4.4 MB This brochure focuses on the archeology of the industrial remains, and wishes to demonstrate historical interest, human, and often, economic, aesthetic. You will it give the desire to leave your turn to discover these landmarks of our history before they disappear?

Authors: Site BT2 ICEM and Gerard Salagnon 1 attachment wrong to use and copy right in: French Arts Sociology January 1999 news often shows the destruction of counterfeit or echoes of the dangers of counterfeit medicines, we must regularly provide copies of official documents. This BT2 well illuminates other aspects of reproduction and these issues.

BT2N 16 false use and right to copy Authors: Site BT2 ICEM and Pierre Housez 1 attachment Industrial Archeology, an exploration field in: Arts> Architecture Science and Techno> Research Technologies middle December 1996 industrial archeology: a field of scientific and technical adventure, historical and aesthetic! As swathes of past industries disappear, emerges the concept of Archeology … industry. Investigate and develop our industrial heritage: what for?

It is primarily an irreplaceable instrument introduction to the history of industrialization and more generally in the history of technology, economic and social, in schools and universities. It is also a way to spread in all the public, the scientific, technical and industrial culture (it is clear that the public is not mistaken, during Heritage Days in September) Authors: Site of BT2 ICEM and Gerard Salagnon more Atlantides In: Geo> History Arts> visual Arts French> Scripture-reading Languages> ancient Languages ??Art> Poetry December 2003 Atlantides doc (2.5 MB) Atlantis, kingdom prosperous and powerful would have disappeared in a cataclysm, punished for betraying his ideals.

Atlantis has fed fantasies, utopias and political ambitions. How cleverly arranged disparate but actual items, they were able to build an unlikely legend, but that dream? What are the political implications of the myth, for any empire intoxicated by his power?

Authors: Site BT2 ICEM and Roger Favry 1 attachment Des Loups: ravishing In: Geo> History Arts> Visual Arts Arts> Poetry Philosophy in April 1998 Des Loups delightful doc (2.1 MB) Walk on the Wolf territories to read at different levels: history, literature, ethnology, history of mentalities … Good chills in the footsteps of the Wild!

Authors: Site BT2 ICEM and Colette Hourtolle More La Commedia dell’Arte In: Geo> French History> Oral Language Arts> Performing Arts March 1997 The Commedia dell’Arte Doc (1.6 MB) Pierrot, Columbine, Pulcinella, Harlequin … homeworkmarket
where do these heroes of a popular art? How to create masks and Commedia dell’Arte play?

Authors: Site BT2 ICEM and Madeleine Mouget-Renault More Language, stereotypes and centos In: French> oral French Language> Writing-reading Arts> Poetry June 2006 Formulas ready-made cliches, stereotypes language: our words betray us ! Teens have spotted these code words of our speech, and playing with, they created centos. Authors: Site BT ICEM College in Andernos-les-Bains, College and High School Creon E. Faure in Lormont
In: Publishing ICEM For students For teachers book, brochure web pages to download to use online catalog July 2017 ICEM Editions Online sales (ICEM Editions)
1 to 10 from 67 Results The evening is TATEX, 2 …

By Jean-Charles Huver on 06/03/18 – 3:57 p.m. In: Science and Techno pedagogical principles> experimental trial and error 1 the attached file is TATEX night, 1 … By Jean-Charles Huver on 05/03/18 – 4:28 p.m.

In: Science and Techno pedagogical principles> experimental trial and error Video: TATEX workshop (groping experimental) by Claude Beaunis on 09/07/17 – 4:12 p.m. in: Congress> workshop Science and Techno pedagogical principles> experimental trial and error the challenge is at the bottom of page (attached file) Learn more about TATEX a comment 1 attachment No. 42 – natural method and scientific learning in: Practice and research Publishing ICEM For teachers book, brochure Science and Techno pedagogical principles> natural method pedagogical principles s> experimental trial and error in order payable online in January 2004 Lemery Edmond, FITTED Carmen KONECNY Brigitte, Lemery Janou (sold out) science, scientist, scientific, experimental trial and error observation In Boxes: For students> Elementary Science file and Techno> life Science and Earth Science and Techno> physical Sciences, chemistry teaching Techniques> class organization> workshop teaching principles> natural method pedagogical principles> Free trial and error in November 2010 Extract New Educator No. 70 June 1995 in what Eric Joffre presents its experimentation boxes.

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